• Integrated Applications

BMO offers an integrated business suite majoring in several business core areas such as Human Capital Management, Sales Force Automation and Paperless Billing.

  • One Time Setup

Subscribe all the modules in BMO in our "BMO Modules Section" button. You'll have everything running in no time!

  • Instant Service Delivery

BMO is a centrally hosted multi-module cloud application and does not require any installation. Upgrades will be done constantly to ensure the system runs smoothly.

  • Price

BMO offers the most competitive price in the market. Subscription starts from as low as RM120 monthly.

  • Reduce IT Costs

BMO remote support service is free! All system operations and maintenance is supported by BMO's expert engineers.

  • Accelerates Business Processes

Easy access from anywhere to manage your orders and procurements.

BMO works perfectly
with Vocotext & POS Market

BMO already helps you manage your business online, but now with Vocotext, we have added on the convenience factor to make things even smoother and accessible from almost anywhere, as long as you have your smart phone with you. Watch this video to learn more.

  • BMO Modules
BMO provides a whole range of web based applications to suit your business needs. See the full module list here! »

BMO Quotation

  • Setup Quotation Template
  • Create & Price Item
  • Create Contact
  • Print Out Quotation
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BMO Inventory

  • Various Inventory Location
  • Item Categories & Units
  • User & Group Permissions
  • Manage Employees
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  • Online Offline Synchronisation
  • Pety Cash
  • Multiple Payment Method
  • Manage Contact
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BMO e-Leave

  • Leave & Employee Type
  • Work Pattern & Holidays
  • Leave Template
  • Leave Calendar
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  • Manage incoming leads
  • Assign case/calls/tasks to staff
  • Manage product support cases
  • Advance permission system
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BMO Membership

  • Create membership account
  • Online Member Area
  • Member Billing System
  • Member fee collection through website integration.
  • SMS & Email Marketing system integration
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Commission System

  • Royalty system tracking
  • Track points, commissions
  • Multiple level introducer, member tree.
  • Item with multiple commission system
  • Member Login from website
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