BMO Client Relationship Management System

Manage, Serve Your Customers Right and Close More Deals.

Sales Force Automation
The C.R.M (customer relation management) system can help your company to manage large quantity of contacts. The BMO CRM is ideal for agents that is always on the move, constantly finding customer information/service records and etc. In short, CRM is capable to cover all stage of the customer's lifecycle, from engaging with them to closing the deal. You can track your sales activity, ensuring continuous customer updates. Our BMO Team makes it easy for you because all application flow is well thought and designed to suit your daily business operations.
Key Points
  • Opportunity Management
  • Share sales data across individuals & teams
  • Increase sales productivity through standardized sales processes
  • Ensure effective opportunity handling through collaboration & workflow
  • Monitor quota progress and business performance
  • Contact management
Focus on Your Customers & Generate Leads using CRM
BMO CRM System drives sales by allowing you to share sales data, improve sales processes, reduce sales cycles by focusing on potential leads, automate sales reporting and monitor business performance. BMO CRM Dashboards provide all staff including employees and managers with real-time information about leads, opportunities and accounts. Unified sales data from across all sales team will increase the level of performance in your business. BMO Client Relationship Management saves contacts into a single location and associate the information with sales opportunities, account information and customer case information. BMO's CRM allows your team to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information and generates progress reports as well as recording deal-related interactions.

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