Inventory Management System

Inventory Management with Simple Steps

What is BMO Inventory Management System
BMO Inventory Management System is a system designed to manage your inventory from small to mid-sized businesses.
This system takes care of everything from receiving customers orders, generate transaction documents, track stock in inventory and generate reports.
Why choose BizCloud Inventory Management System
  1. Suitable for SME businesses.
  2. Fast support from our dedicated inventory software engineers.
  3. Fully automated, reliable and secure inventory management system.
  4. Low cost maintenance.
Key Points
  • Manage easily Multiple Branches
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Item
  • Manage Price
  • Manage Receipt
  • Manage Cash Sales
  • Manage Invoice
  • Manage Purchase Order
  • Manage Delivery Order
  • Manage Debit Note
  • Manage Credit Note
  • Manage Vendor
  • Manage Contacts
  • iSMS SMS Blasting
  • Bulk Email Blasting
  • Generate Report
Inventory Management System Details
Inventory System BMO Inventory
Monthly Price Per Branch RM 100 onwards
Data Storage per user 1GB
Contact AI ✓ (Automatically identifies the contact details and fills in for you!)
Contacts grouping ✓ (unlimited grouping)
Service status ✓(unlimited status)
Contact History
Multiple SMTP
Email Templates
Mass Email ✓(requires your SMTP settings )
File manager
SMS ✓(as per price in
Mobile HTML view
Google Calender
Andriod notification
Notification SMS
Notification Email
Send out daily report
Assign contact to another user ✓(unlimited assign)
Product items
Trouble case task
Free customization ✓(by programmers directly)
CSV import CSV import employees, contacts, etc.
CSV export CSV export employees, events, contacts, etc
BMO Cloud Pricing
Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) US Dollars (USD) Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 months Pay 12 months Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 months Pay 12 months Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 months Pay 12 months
100.00 100.00 480.00 720.00 24.00 24.00 117.00 176.00 36.00 36.00 171.00 257.00

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