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Multiple branches (Multi-store) POS & multiple stations POS

We propose POS cloud solution (online pos system malaysia) for multiple branches, each branch setup a POS terminal Malaysia, when internet is available, data is synced to the cloud. Admin or headquarter will login to online to view reports, adjust inventory, prices, descriptions and etc. The data then synced to the branches POS.

Second approach will be setting up VPN for each store and share the server which is hosted in headquarter. This setup will eliminate the cloud totally, but rely on the speed of your internet.

For multiple all in one pos system stations, you can choose to use a client server and run multiple clients in a location. This is identical to the setup of supermarket POS.


  • Easy to use
  • Real time inventory updates
  • Free constant module updates
  • Quick setup. Just install BizCloud POS System and key in your BizCloud POS System log in info
  • Cost saving. Subscribe our package which cost only a fraction of what is offered in the market
  • Integration. We design our software to work seamlessly with other in-house software, creating a great user experience to our clients

Cloud & Offline POS System

BizCloud POS System can work as offline cashier machine as well as a web based pos. There are a few setups for POS system that you can choose from, for your operation conveniences.

  1. Full offline POS hardware and standalone POS software. All our POS System packages support this setup. Lowest price and you do not need to pay monthly or yearly maintenance fees. In fact, no commitment when you subscribe Global POS System. You own the Global POS System license on that computer.
  2. Hybrid POS system setup refer to a unique facility of our POS system where you use the POS software offline as usual. When you have internet connection, BizCloud's comprehensive pos online solution will sync to cloud. You login to the cloud to view reports, adjust inventory, prices and other operations. The data is then synced.
On the Go POS, where you setup Android POS System on the go, and a server is setup in your premise. With this setup, your sales person could issue receipts anywhere with your centralized inventory control.

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