Workshop Management System

Contribute in All Types of Workshops Especially Useful and Convenient in Vehicle-Related Services’ Business.

Workshop Management System is a Window-based automotive solution, designed for daily operations of your workshop from anywhere at anytime. It is suitable for managing large numbers of vehicles and other workshop-related assets.

Workshop Management System includes all functions that you need to operate your automotive workshop. It is an all-inclusive, affordable and user-friendly software solution. It includes modules such as contacts, vehicles, workshop, accounts, products, sales and reports.

A Maintenance Record System

Workshop Management System is known as a maintenance record system designed to ensure that vehicles and other form of transportation are maintained regularly to promote service schedules and work efficiency.

Increase Profits

Full integration with our Workshop Management System guarantees that this vehicle maintenance system can be operated in harmony with your workshop to optimize task planning, service monitoring and cost-saving to increase your business profits.

Save Time and Stay Organized

Save time and stay organised while improving your productivity as well as increasing operational efficiency of your business with our workshop management system! You can access the software anywhere on any web-accessible devices and without any upfront cost.

Package Pricing
RM3149 / package
Ala Carte
BizCloud POS Software RM 1400.00
New CPU RM 1599.00
New Monitor RM 319.00
New A4 Printer RM 299.00
New UPS Backup RM 229.00
New Wireless Keyboard & Mouse RM 39.90


Vehicle List

vehicle list
  1. Create Vehicle
  2. Attach Contact
  3. Vehicle List

create vehicle 1
create vehicle 2

  1. Create Vehicle
    1. Go to inventory > Vehicle > New Vehicle

attach contact 1
attach contact 2

  1. Attach Contact
    1. Go to vehicle list > search >edit vehicle
    2. Search customer & select > save

    ** 1 Contact can have multiple car

vehicle list
  1. Vehicle List

Workshop Layout

workshop layout
  1. Layout Setting
  2. Create Layout

layout setting 1
layout setting 2

  1. Layout Setting
    1. Go to System > shop layout design
    2. Setting > Select your preference
    3. Save

create layout
  1. Create Layout
    1. Go to System > shop layout design
    2. Click Workshop icon drag to the location you prefer
    3. Set Name after done then save

Create Sales

create sales
  1. Select Vehicle
  2. Select Layout
  3. Select Item
  4. Complete Sales

select vehicle
  1. Select Vehicle
    1. Go to others > Vehicle > search number plate > select

select layout
  1. Select Layout
    1. Click Layout > select layout

select item
  1. Select Item

complete sales
  1. Complete Sales
    1. Receipt will show number plate / contact

Vehicle Record

vehicle record 1
  1. Select Contact & Check for Record
    1. Go to contact > contact list
    2. Go to vehicle & search

vehicle record 2
  1. Select Contact & Check for Record
    1. Select contact > double click to open
    2. Go to purchase history & select date as you wish then search

Ageing Reports

aging reports 1
aging reports 2

  1. Ageing Reports
    1. Go to contact > contact List
    2. Go to report > select aging reports
    3. Report can be save as pdf / csv

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