BMO Guidebook

If you are not sure how to navigate within BMO, please refer to our guide in PDF format below.
Alternatively, you may contact us HERE or call us at +604 642 0621.

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BMO Guidebook636 KBApril 201625042016Download

Table of Contents Summary

  1. What is in this Guide
  2. How this User Guide Help
  3. Frequently Used Terms
  4. Getting the software
  5. Create an online account
  6. Installation
  7. Initial POS Configuration
  8. Operating POS system
  9. Petty Cash Configuration
  10. Navigate in Point Of Sale Main Screen
  11. Stocks
  12. Barcode
  13. Receipts
  14. Setting form
  15. Fingerprint
  16. User Permission
  17. Hardware supported
  18. Contact us