Inventory Management System

BMO Inventory Management System

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Increase Sales

No more word documents and Excel files. Easily issue and receive within multiple inventories, make a stock adjustment, detail transaction, centralize your contacts, send SMS, send emails and the list goes on!


New Modules

New modules, specialized functions, powerful cloud-based system, capable of supporting multi stores or global stores. Supports over 20 industries with a decade of development from our BMO Team.


Serial Control

Serial numbers are properties that can be different for a stock item of the same product. It uniquely identifies an item as a single unit and can be used for traceability and warranty purposes.


Interbranch Stock

With BMO Inventory Management System, you can now move stock between branches with ease. No more documents. No more papers. Everything is online!


Physical Control

Physical inventory is a process where a business counting its entire inventory physically. This is done to place an accurate amount or value on the inventory.


Stock Adjustment

Stock Adjustment is used to adjust the quantity of stock on hand for any number of reasons such as write-offs, stock takes, wrong data entry, donations and etc.

BMO Inventory Management System Pricing

Using BMO Inventory Management System will reduce your company operational costs drastically. The inventory management system allows you to get to track your business position and make timely decisions.

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