Secure Cloud Drive Storage

  • BMO Business Solutions Apps are able to store client's documents, reports and many more into your cloud storage.
  • Our system integrates Google Drive as storage media.
  • You can choose to save all files to Google Drive and leverage the flexibility and security of Google Drive.
  • At the same time, you do not need to worry about storage capacity, you can always get more from Google Drive.
  • Integrated Applications

BMO offers an integrated business suite majoring in several business core areas such as Human Capital Management, Sales Force Automation, and Paperless Billing.

  • One Time Setup

Subscribe all the modules in BMO in our "BMO Modules Section" button. You'll have everything running in no time!

  • Instant Service Delivery

BMO is a centrally hosted multi-module cloud application and does not require any installation. Upgrades will be done constantly to ensure the system runs smoothly.

  • Price

BMO offers the most competitive price in the market. Subscription starts from as low as RM120 monthly.

  • Reduce IT Costs

BMO's remote support service is free! All system operations and maintenance are supported by BMO's expert engineers.

  • Accelerates Business Processes

Easy access from anywhere to manage your orders and procurements.

BMO works perfectly with
SQL Accounting & POS Market

BMO already helps you manage your business online, but now with SQL Financial Accounting Modules designed to support applications that deliver business-critical functionality to a large deployment of the network environment. SQL Accounting System is an open period solution that enables you to collect more data over a wider time frame for better decision-based analysis. Watch this video to learn more.

SQL Accounting

  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Customer (AR)
  • Supplier (AP)
  • Sales & Purchase
  • Reports
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POS Market

  • Cloud Synchronisation
  • Petty Cash
  • Multiple Payment Method
  • Manage Contact
  • Employee Commission
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  • Customer List Management
  • Membership Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing
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  • Leave & Employee Type
  • Work Pattern & Holidays
  • Leave Template
  • Leave Calendar
  • Leave Carry Forward
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Inventory Management System

  • Increase Sales, Track Result
  • New Modules
  • Serial Control
  • Interbranch Stock Control
  • Physical Control
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Easy Stock Check
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Membership System

  • Create a membership account
  • Online Member Area
  • Member Billing System
  • Member fee collection through website integration.
  • SMS & Email Marketing system integration
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Workshop System

  • Update Vehicle Details
  • Task & Service Records
  • Work Scheduler
  • CRM
  • Inventory Control
  • Invoice Management
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  • BMO Modules
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