Setup Google Drive in BMO App

Step 1

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login button

Step 2

  1. Key in your BMO App username, password and company code to sign in

Step 3

  1. Go to ADMIN > Company Info
  2. In the page, you will see the highlighted “Enable Google Drive” checkbox

Step 4

  1. Tick “Enable Google Drive” checkbox
  2. Click “Save” button

Step 5

  1. BMO App will redirect to “Sign in with Google” page
  2. Select any Google Account that you want to use as Google Drive

Step 6

  1. Next, BMO App will request permission to access your Google Account
  2. Click “Allow”

Step 7

  1. Google will redirect you to BMO App web portal
  2. Finally, your Google Drive Account is linked and status will be displayed at the page

Setup Google Drive in BMO App Video