BMO Quotation System

Manage and Create Quotations Online with Ease.

Cloud Application Module
BMO Quotation System is one of our cloud application modules for small and medium enterprises. As a software created with you in mind, this software is capable to cover daily corporate operations.
Key Points
  • Select products from integrated inventory list
  • Customise quotation letterhead
  • Quotation Template
  • Manage contacts
  • Quickly Create Great Proposals
  • Increase quote accuracy by up to 80%
Automate Your Business
With BMO's Quotation System, you can automate your sales quote, save time and ultimately, cost. You don’t need to be an expert to create quotation for your potential clients. On top of that, you can present proper quotations to your clients without using Excel spreadsheets. BizManagement Online has pre-built a quotation template. The good news is you may insert your company letterhead, making your quotation looking sleek and professional. Finally, pitching your sales to potential clients and seal the deal. If there is a need to add features, user can always go to add module page to subscribe a new module.

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