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Business Management Online is web-based applications and services that are provided via internet delivery to end-users rather than as a packaged product. Through BMO, you can access your web-based business application using a web browser.

Business Management Online is designed for small-medium business and enterprise owners. Equipped with all major modules such as Simple Inventory System, Simple Membership System, Simple Client Relationship Management System, Bulk Email, and SMS Marketing. BMO System is ideal for you if you:

  • Want to increase your business process efficiency.
  • Want to be able to manage and add customer information anytime, anywhere.
  • Wants to receive detailed reports of their daily sales and inventory items.

BMO applications are all web-based. It does not require large systems expenditures for servers, complicated server installation, or other hardware and software. You do not have to have hired an IT professional to maintain in-house systems. BMO Team will take care of frequent BMO system upgrades, maintenance, backup, storage, and security.

You will need to pay for BMO services on an annual subscription basis. There are no upfront software purchase fees. The cost of the hardware and infrastructure that hosts the software, the right to use the software, and all maintenance and support services are included in the subscription fee. Please click HERE to check out the prices.

I am sorry, we do not have a demo system. However, you are encouraged to sign up for the FREE 30 Day Trial on any modules you would like to experience. Click HERE to sign up for BMO.

BMO is upgraded frequently so you can reap the benefits of BMO’s latest innovations. Every new release will be performed during non-working-hours and does not require any action by the users.

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no need to set up a server, and your existing computers are already good enough to run BMO. After signing-up HERE, we will help to pre-configure some basic settings so your system fulfills your business operations needs. We will set up users and permissions, upload data, and provide reference guides. Should you have a question for our BMO team, we will always be standing by to provide support.

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